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Udaipur, Image from TravelInfo Rajasthan

Two weeks from today I’ll be in India.

I’m still reeling at that reality. Reeling, mostly, with gratitude. A trip to India is something I never would have dreamed was possible, but a friend’s wedding there inspired me to boost both my faith and my resolve. So, in two weeks’ time, I’ll be in India.

I’ll write as frequently as possible while I’m there. For now, I want to start posting links I’m finding helpful in my travel planning in the hopes that they’ll be helpful to others (and to keep them all organized myself).


  • 36 Hours in New Delhi, New York Times: I tend to have the same tastes as the writers of these columns (art, the changing face of the cities reviewed, etc) even if budget requires my tastes to be less expensive
  • Time Out Delhi: Gallery listings, cultural events, restaurant reviews, all from a rather Western perspective (for better or worse)
  • Lonely Planet Delhi: I love their “Top Picks,” as I’m spending limited time here and this is a great focusing tool – without buying the book. They also allow you to purchase PDF chapters of their books online, great for reduced costs and luggage weight.


I’m so excited to visit here, at a friend’s recommendation—and would have otherwise missed it. Udaipur is called India’s most romantic city and the “Venice of the East.” I depart for here on Valentine’s Day. Naturally.

  • Uncornered Market Blog on Udaipur: This just inspires me. This is why we travel.
  • Trip Advisor forums featuring UdaipurMagic: If you’re willing to sort through it all—and/or you’re looking for specific details—this Trip Advisor user seems to know it all.

Visakhapatnam (aka, “Vizag,” which I can actually spell)

This is where I’m spending the most time, but I’ve done the least research here, as I’m fortunate enough to have locals in town. But here’s a photo of the beach to get you—and me—inspired.


I’ll keep adding to this list as I go. I’ll also post more details on the visa-getting process when I have time to write it up and the process of making a transfer between terminals in Mumbai’s airport after I’ve experienced it.

Adventure awaits!


1 Response to “India Travel Planning Links”

  1. 1 Audrey 23 January 2011 at 22:07

    Thanks so much for including my post from Udaipur and your kind words around it. I really hope you enjoy your time there – it’s a lovely place with a really friendly and beautiful market area (actually, it takes up half the town with its winding streets!). Safe travels and enjoy India!

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