Things I Saw Today

Just a normal day in New York City, going about my normal business: work, errands, phone calls, a little walk for pleasure. The scenery, as usual, has been anything but ordinary. Between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., I saw the following:

  • The fruit (vegetable?) pictured above, unknown to me
  • A 50,000 square-foot Italian market, complete with a tour by a guy who had his picture on the wall (and in the middle of this WSJ shot),  a friendly and informed looking gent, who I happened to ask for directions
  • Thousands upon thousands of dollars of gorgeous clothes worn by gorgeous Italians in said market
  • $6,000 handbags
  • $6 handbags
  • A statue of a deer with antlers in someone’s front yard in Brooklyn
  • Statues of the Virgin Mary and Buddha
  • The personification of Jesus Christ
  • Authentic mobsters
  • The way a city reinvents itself, over and over, block by block, neighborhood to neighborhood
  • The Wing Fat Mansion
  • A pint of beer disappear quickly in the heat
  • Grace and gentleness
  • A baby laughing
  • A small miracle that had a big impact on my faith
  • A whole part of Manhattan in which I’ve never set foot
  • The reflection of my own smile in a window as I took it all in

And that was all under cover of daylight. Who knows what the night will bring?


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