Coming or Going?

I love airports. Is that normal?

Complaining about air travel seems to be in vogue, but I get all tingly in the toes as a I wheel up to curbside check-in. I relish the fact I know the TSA regulations well enough to choose the “Expert Traveler” security line. I totally get the George Clooney character in Up in the Air. Miles make me happy, too.

I met friends arriving to JFK a couple weeks ago. Watching the passengers from the LAX flight pour into New York made for fascinating people watching. You should try it some time.

I’ve never really thought about the “arrival” bit of traveling before. I like the departure: the anticipation, the stepping into the unknown, the leisure of lingering in the terminal (or better, the lounge) waiting for your flight to depart. I’m sometimes excited to get back to New York. Sometimes. But when I decided to start traveling in March, a well-traveled friend told me, “People will say you’re getting it out of your system. But the wanderlust will only grow.” He was right.

For me, departing is like that rush of adrenaline you get when you stand on the edge of a diving board. You know, intellectually, what’s next. You’re going to splash into the water. (Or land at your final destination.) But you can’t predict the nuances of the journey; the surprises that linger down the next terminal’s corridors. The people you’ll encounter along the way.

In an ideal world, we’d enjoy all bits of the journey, right? That’s certainly my goal. I’m a little light on the journeys just now, with nothing remotely exotic on the near-future docket. But…

BUT. I know I serve a God who likes to shake things up, and I’ve already had a lot of interesting “travel moments” right here in Brooklyn. Have I arrived? Oh, no. But it’s a really easy flight so far.


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