It was 90 last week. I’d forgotten what it was like to move around New York on a truly hot day.

Move a little slower. Just a little.

Stop for water. Buy ice cream, slowly eat. Ponder the deep things of life that you’re normally moving too fast to feel, to notice.

In the heat, there is slowness. In the slowness, you find rest. And rest breeds a slowly opening internal smile for most New Yorkers. It’s … pleasant. Pleasant is the word.

It would be downright nice if you weren’t sweating so much. You stop caring about how you look. Gym clothes will do for hours after the gym. The smallest, loosest, lightest garments are all that will do here. Makeup would have melted off long ago, if you’d taken the time to apply it, and besides – you like the way you look with the warm flush of the heat on your cheeks as you check out your reflection in the shop windows past which you are walking. Slowly.
The subway. Refreshing? Yes, actually. Until you transfer, suffering in the oppressive heat of the tunnels, carrying your body up those stairs, feet swollen and aching from the heat, until you dash into the train, just catching it, not realizing until it’s too late you chose the car with no air conditioning.

It’s hot.


2 Responses to “Hot”

  1. 1 Jackie 2 June 2010 at 11:17

    Jen, what an apt description of the heat, and the way it affects us. Having been in the hottest part of the United States for 9 years, I can really relate to the melted makeup, skimpy clothes, no fashion worries, and ice cream eating. After a perfect May, we have the promise of high pressure, clear blue skies and 110 degrees by Saturday. Time to SLOW DOWN, eat fruit smoothies for dinner, and make sure you don’t skip the gym … because you ARE going to wear the least amount of clothes that is legal, and at my age, that requires a lot of hard work so as not to gross out the entire town!! LOL Enjoy summer, all too soon it will be over again.

    Glad you are still blogging!

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