An Adventure Manifesto

I found out at 10PM last Monday that my favorite musician, Glen Hansard, was playing a solo gig in Dublin on Wednesday evening. By 11PM, I had booked plane tickets and a hostel. Adventure.

At 10AM the next morning, I found out the show was sold out.

I wrote the following from a Dublin pub, around the corner from the concert venue, waiting to find out if I’d make it into the show.

My Adventure Manifesto, 28 April 2010, 19.45. Dublin.

  • I will live in the moment.
  • I will ROAR, speaking powerfully and gracefully with a red-hot passion and purpose on the inside of me that oozes to the outside.
  • I will stoke the fires of that passion and purpose by engaging with art, new people, and new challenges.
  • I will choose to laugh at the unexpected.
  • I will welcome changed plans, thwarted strategies, and potential disappointments, believing they bring a better outcome than I could have devised on my own.
  • I will abolish fear with joy.
  • I will shatter self-pity with gratitude.
  • I will believe anything is possible, hope for bigger and better—beyond what my eyes have seen and my ears are capable of hearing.
  • I will step outside my comfort zone. DAILY. (Even as I return to it, geographically, next week.)
  • I will not let sticks and stones break my bones. Let people say what they will. I am confident in who I am.
  • I will not whine about my circumstances. I may reserve the right to change them, however.
  • I will be open: to people, situations, possibilities, in every context. I’ll keep checking in with myself to make sure I stay that way. I will not be a jaded New Yorker.
  • I will live with the bubbly-anything-goes joy I experienced yesterday; with a giggle on the inside and a glow on the outside, inviting people to ask the reason for the hope that I have.
  • I will take as many relational risks as I do professional risks.
  • I will (try to) spend less time on my BlackBerry and more time talking to people, to God, to myself, and writing.
  • I will reread this manifesto anytime I start to settle for less.

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