I woke up the other day overcome by joy.

7:40 a.m. and a great big smile on my face. Laughter in my heart. Really, a giggle. A giddy, girly little laugh simmering on the inside of me to start my day.

There were circumstantial contributions to my condition: It was my birthday, and I’d just booked a spur-of-the-moment trip to Dublin to see my favorite musician. (More on that to come.) But there were also circumstantial detractors: I shortly found discovered said concert was sold out, and there is that overriding condition of “unemployment” which can have its moments.

But this went above and beyond circumstance. Joy, joy, joy, joy. Like champagne bubbles dancing inside, nearly rising to the surface in my own little dance on the outside. Deep, abiding joy. Joy that gives me strength and a hope that cannot be shaken.

This joy moved me through the next couple of days. The strength that joy gave me allowed me to make choices to stay in joy. “Aha, problems. Nice try. I have experienced joy, and I will choose to stay there. I am not listening to your discouraging blathering.”

And the thing I’m finding is that when I’m vigilant about a continual choice toward joy on the inside, the circumstances just keep turning my way. Or I care a whole lot less when they don’t. It’s a choice, not a condition resulting from a lucky turn of events. I’m choosing to live empowered in a state of joy. There’s no turning back.


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