The Last 48


I didn’t intentionally set out to see a certain group of places during the last two days I’d spend, for at least two and a half months, in the city where I’d lived for the last nine years. But it was interesting to me to see where I landed. My subconscious’s guide to the best New York City has to offer… at least to offer to me.

  • St. Andrew’s: What’s not to like about a pub where the waiters wear kilts and buffalo-flavored calamari is on the menu? Farewell party with urban family at a place I’ve been frequenting for seven years.
  • Times Square: I’m surprised, too. But walking to the subway Sunday night with my friend, I requested a detour to climb the TKTS stairs and take a photo. It really is unlike anything else in the world. Picadilly Circus, you do not compare. Rather pathetic, actually.
  • Grumpy Cafe: I have a very short list of the best espresso in the city, and this may top it. Other contenders: 9th Street Espresso, Stumptown at the Ace Hotel. I’m particular to Grumpy’s Park Slope branch.
  • Fika: Um, maybe this goes on my coffee list, too. Cute, tiny, and  the Midtown location is a rare gem in a Starbucks wasteland.
  • Bottlerocket Wine & Spirits: I actually hopped off the train early to stop here. I really love this place. How can you not, with sections like “Take Out” organized by wines for pizza, Thai, and American?
  • Stone Park Cafe: I’d been wanting to try this Park Slope local for a year and a half. I had a “BLT” made with pork belly. As I write this from a Muslim country, far, far away from bacon, I actually have tears welling up in my eyes. Maybe, just maybe, I can taste it if I close my eyes, and click my heels…
  • Church: I remember seeing Bridget Jones’s Diary when I was 22 and loving the phrase “urban family.” I have found mine here. They redefine love.

And, really, that’s what made my last hours in New York. People. The urban family. The wonderful return on a decade long investment of time, care, compassion. I’m grateful they’ll last, far beyond even my favorite bars, take-out joints, cafes. New York, New York. They say it’s a hell of a town. And, oh, it is. But just wait until you’ve met the people…


2 Responses to “The Last 48”

  1. 1 christine 19 March 2010 at 20:30

    Been catching up on all your blog posts… Started at the most recent and just getting to this one. It made my cry. Love you so much.

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